Flu Vaccination Campaign Background

The CDC estimates that as many as 45 million Americans get sick from the flu each season, resulting in up to 26 million medical visits and 810,000 hospitalizations every year. An annual flu shot is the best way to help protect yourself and those around you against the flu. This year, it can also help make sure healthcare workers and hospitals have the resources to continue to treat COVID-19 patients.

This section provides background information on the public service advertising campaign to encourage Americans to get a flu shot.

Campaign Fact Sheet

A one-page fact sheet that includes background information on the Ad Council's Flu Vaccination campaign.

Campaign Talking Points

Find key messages to share and answers to frequently asked questions about the Ad Council's Flu Vaccination campaign.

Press Release

Read our press release for more information about the Flu Vaccination campaign and its partners.

For more information, please reach out to your contact at AMA or CDC. For other inquiries, contact Trevor Lin, Assistant Campaign Manager, The Advertising Council, tlin@adcouncil.org.